Monthly Archives: September 2018

World Bank: Global waste generation could increase 70% by 2050

A new in-depth report highlights the mounting inequities of waste management around the world, along with the financial and climate opportunities that could come from truly addressing it. Click here to read the entire article! 

More big plastic promises at G7

Earlier this summer, five of the G7 member countries signed an Ocean Plastics Charter that set multiple targets around plastic recycling to mitigate marine pollution. This week, Canada has been hosting the G7 Environment Ministerial Meeting in Halifax to focus on next steps and gain more international support ahead of plans to bring the charter to the U.N….

We won’t save the Earth with a better kind of disposable coffee cup

The problem is not just plastic: it is mass disposability. Or, to put it another way, the problem is pursuing, on the one planet known to harbour life, a four-planet lifestyle. Regardless of what we consume, the sheer volume of consumption is overwhelming the Earth’s living systems. To read the full article click here!

Edmonton pot grower teams with University of Alberta to turn waste into energy

Atlas Growers announced the Cannabis Waste Project partnership Wednesday, which will develop strategies for the on-site treatment and handling of cannabis waste that could convert it into electricity. “Take the buds off, you’re left with a bunch of different fibre there, what are you going to do with it?” said Jim Hole, VP of cultivation…

China’s Recycling Import Ban: Uncertain Times for Solid Waste Agencies

In July 2017, China notified the World Trade Organization that effective January 2018 it would ban imports of some recycled materials, including mixed paper and most plastics. In March 2018, China went further and implemented a strict new policy limiting contamination levels to 0.5 percent, a near-impossible limit for most single-stream recycling programs. To ensure…

Tariffs And A Trade War Threaten U.S. Paper Recycling

There’s a trade war going on between China and the United States. Billions of dollars in new tariffs have been levied on aluminum and steel and also on recycled paper pulp. While not as well known, the levy on the little-known waste product could bankrupt an already taxed recycling industry. Click here to read more!…