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Garbage removal in Canada can be a daunting task for most companies. There are dozens of regulations to keep in mind when choosing how your company will dispose of its garbage. It’s not as simple as picking up the phone and asking someone to handle your Toronto, Vancouver, or Halifax garbage pickup. You have to make sure your company is following the appropriate guidelines in order to be in compliance with the law and be both environmentally and fiscally responsible.

U-Pak Specializes In Safe, Cost-Effective Garbage Removal And Recycling

Fortunately, U-Pak has been in the garbage removal and recycling business since the 1970s and our expertise shows. Our fleet of trucks can handle any garbage removal in the Greater Toronto Area with minimal downtime for your business and complete compliance documentation for government regulations. Our garbage removal relies on our team of experts to put together the perfect combination of exemplary service, downstream recycling of all possible products and waste, and education of our customers so that they can move closer to a zero return with every scheduled load of waste or recycle pickup.

U-Pak is proud of our broad menu of services, including:

  • A single point of contact across locations
  • Various service packages offering customers everything they need without anything unnecessary
  • Periodic reports outlining your company’s handling of waste streams along with our suggestions for improving your existing systems
  • Routine monitoring in order to guarantee provincial compliance with today’s reduce/reuse/recycle initiatives and regulations
  • Highly trained, skilled staff who will work with your business to improve your waste and recycling needs
  • Zero to landfill and Much more!

Saving Money While Saving The Planet, A U-Pak Specialty 

The true value of our garbage removal in Greater Toronto Area may not be evident until after you’ve learned just how much of your garbage we can transform into revenue streams from rebates, innovative waste-to-fuel initiatives and compliance with local, provincial and federal regulations. Contact our team of experts at 416-675-3700 or email us at today to learn we can transform your garbage pickup through customized scheduling of pickups and our extensive access to a variety of recyclable materials markets that will ensure top money for your waste commodities. And through it all, you’ll be helping to save our planet for the next generation!

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