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U-Pak offers Single-Stream Recycling.

Single-Stream Recycle although the switch to single-stream generally decreases collection costs, different communities have experienced mixed results regarding the costs of processing resulting from the change.   Single-Stream collection can result in higher contamination rates of collected commodities, which in turn leads to lower revenues for lower-grade recyclable commodities and higher residue levels (more material that cannot be sold in recycling markets).  A common issue with single-stream recycling is that the glass contaminates the paper materials.

U-Pak offers (1) Source Separated Recycle Program /(2) Co Mixed or (3) Single Stream programs for Collection to minimize the Processing Costs and Maximize the Revenue share for the valued commodities.

Download the UPAK acceptable/not-acceptable recycling List

What is Single-Stream Recycling?

Single-stream recycling refers to a system which all recycling commodities are stored in a recycling cart and collected in a recycling truck mixed together instead of being sorted by material type (newspaper, plastic, glass, aluminum, etc.) by the user and kept separate in the recycling truck.

The mixed recyclables are then sorted by material type at a processing center before the individual commodities are sold to various industries that take those materials and make new products out of them.

What are the advantages to single-stream recycling systems?

Single-stream systems of recycling have several advantages over other systems of recycling:

  • The reduced sorting effort of residents means more people are willing to participate in the program and residents tend to recycle a greater percentage of their waste stream.
  • The lack of sorting causes residents to need less space in their home to store recyclables
  • Single-stream reduces collection costs because single compartment trucks are less expensive than multi-compartment trucks, a crew can move faster without having to do any sorting at the truck, and single compartment trucks have a greater capacity than multi-compartment trucks
  • New materials can be added to the program without having to add additional compartments on the collection truck
  • Single-stream systems of recycling have some Disadvantages over other systems of recycling:
  • Higher contamination and therefore lower waste diversion rates to landfill
  • Higher processing costs
  • Lower revenue sharing

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