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U-Pak makes your mess disappear with destruction services.

Product Destruction is often the only way to eliminate your liability associated with the distribution of your recalled, out of spec and counterfeit products as well as the improper use of your outdated packaging. Craig’s List eBay and “flea markets” have assisted the crooks with the ability to sell these types of products in volume. If taking them out of your dumpster is easy and selling them is easy, you can bet that it will happen.

Historically, one group of people who raid your dumpsters of recalled, out of spec products or packaging is your own employees. They know what the product is worth and everyone either knows how to or knows someone who knows how to sell the items on the internet or at flea markets.  Consider what if your packaging is stolen. Anyone can put anything in the packaging. The liability will likely fall on you, even if the packaging was stolen from your dumpster.

The best way to protect yourself is to ensure destruction of anything that could hurt you if the “wrong person” got hold of it. Another threat is your competitors coming into possession of your prototypes or models. When in doubt, destroy the products. Think of this as protection and Insurance of your Corporate brand name.

U-Pak offers a complete solution which oversee’s the destruction of material from start to finish, from cradle to the grave.  With our eye continually on recycling, U-Pak looks to divert materials towards recycling streams after the destruction process, processing the materials through one of our various recycling plants.

U-Pak has the ability to manage the destruction of all solid, non-hazardous waste items including;

  • Expired or Contaminated Food Wastes
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Off-Spec Products
  • Returned or Damaged Goods

U-Pak assures that all materials are rendered unusable and completely destroyed and backs this up with a Certificate of Destruction for all materials processed in our facility.

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