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Emerald and U-Pak creating energy from your waste

Emerald is a thermal treatment facility capable of processing non-hazardous solid waste from municipal (MSW), industrial, commercial institutional (ICI) sources.

Focusing on the environment

Operated under an amended Certificate of Approval issued by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment that incorporates ongoing improvements and upgrades to the facility.

The facility underwent a major refurbishment in 2010 that extended its life for another 20 years.

Stack emissions are continuously monitored and results are submitted to the Ministry of Environment on a monthly basis. In addition, the facility undergoes a more detailed analysis once a year through annual stack testing.

The facility has been in compliance with its environmental license throughout its entire 20-year operation.

Approximately 2,200 tonnes of ferrous metal is recovered from the facility annually.

Creating Energy from Waste

The facility produces up to 9 megawatts (MW) of electricity from the thermal treatment of waste. This is sufficient to power up to 6,000 homes.

Since 2008, the facility has been the only source of steam, a key energy component for manufacturing paper, for a nearby paper mill, that recycles up to 150,000 tonnes of used paper annually.

  • One Tonne of Waste sent to EFW produces 148 KW of electricity sold on the grid.
  • EfW vs. landfill in Southwestern Ontario: 2.6 tonnes less of CO2 per tonne of waste.
  • EfW vs. landfill in Michigan: 5 tonnes of CO2e per tonne of waste
  • Landfill space saved per tonne of waste burned at EfW = 0.8m3

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