U-Pak’s Commitment to Sustainability

  • EWaste Diversion is the process of minimizing the amount of waste that is destined for disposal. It involves assessing how residuals are generated, collected and managed before designating any materials for final disposal.
  • EWaste Diversion is important because it is our core business. We work with our customers and suppliers to establish programs that maximize diversion, thereby creating value for our customers and minimizing the resources needed for our communities to thrive.
  • EDiversion volume reporting of various waste streams and suggested improvements to existing programs is part of our client support to drive the diversion.
  • EU-Pak provides a continual monitoring program to ensure compliance with provincial recycling regulations.
  • ESkilled personnel to work with the staff or tenants to encourage higher levels of recycling.
  • EAssistance in all aspects of the MOE 3-R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) regulations compliance.

Save Money While Saving The Planet

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