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Food, Organics, and Bakery Recycling

Organics Waste Recycling

We are happy to provide waste management to restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, or other food-related industry. Currently, U-Pak offers three (3) solutions to dispose of organic waste material.

Bakery Waste

Collected from large generators of bakery products who dispose of a waste stream rich in wheat, corn and grains. These materials are processed to meet the standards of Agriculture Canada to be sold as Bakery Waste Dehydrated Meal after being mechanically separated from non-edible material, dried and ground.

Produce Organic Material

Void of all meat and meat by-products and can be audited to verify that it contains only fruits, vegetables, and grains. Primarily collected from grocery markets and processing facilities with perishable goods. These materials are processed and mechanically separated from non-edible material prior to direct feed to livestock or anaerobic digestion facilities.

Organic Material Post and Pre-Consumer

Post and Pre Consumer, including residential waste and commercial organic waste streams. The most significant and common organic waste stream is collected from entertainment facilities and businesses with a full range of organic content, including meats and meat by-products.

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