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There are dozens of regulations to keep in mind when choosing how your company will dispose of its garbage. You have to make sure your company is following the appropriate guidelines in order to be in compliance with the law and be both environmentally and fiscally responsible. U-Pak offers complete waste removal and recycling solutions that exceed environmental preservation practices.

U-Pak Specializes In Safe, Cost-Effective Garbage Removal And Recycling

U-Pak’s fleet of trucks handles any garbage removal across Canada with minimal downtime for your business and complete compliance documentation for government regulations. U-Pak keeps our costs low in order to save you money and build better working relationships. Additionally, we pride ourselves in our recycling and zero waste initiative to minimize the impact of environmental waste.

Extensive Waste Disposal Services

U-Pak is proud to offer an Extensive Variety of Services

  • EA single point of contact across locations
  • EWaste disposal and recycling service packages
  • EPeriodic reports outlining your company’s handling of waste streams
  • ESuggestions for improving your existing waste and recycling systems
  • EAssurance of provincial compliance with today’s reduce/reuse/recycle initiatives and regulations
  • EZero to landfill and Much more!

In Ground Bin System

Garbage Removal Services

In Ground Bin Systems are a cylindrical waste container that sit partially underground. The large capacity containers measure 8.16 ft. high by 6.6 ft. in diameter. Slightly more than 4 feet of the container is situated beneath the surface of the soil with the remainder of the container visible above ground.


Advantages Of In Ground Bin Waste Management

In Ground Bin Systems have significant implications for managing your waste. The design is compatible with current trash collection trucks and can be used for trash, recycling, or organic waste. Not only does an In Ground Bin System reduce the amount of surface space needed to store trash receptacles, it is convenient and easy to use. Other benefits include:

Aesthetically appealing with a lower height, which makes it easier for users to access the lid and place waste inside the container.

Secure lids to keep trash in and animals out.

Odor reduction, thanks to its underground storage capacity.

Reduced maintenance since much of the container is not exposed to the elements or vandalism.

Reduced likelihood of ground contamination and debris.

Large capacity may allow for reduced collection frequency.

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