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Waste Removal & Pickup

U-Pak specializes in cost-effective waste removal and recycling

U-Pak’s fleet of trucks ensures efficient waste removal services across the Greater Toronto Area, minimizing disruptions to your business operations. Our strong emphasis on complete compliance documentation guarantees adherence to government regulations. By keeping costs low, our goal is to save you money and allow you to concentrate on your core business activities. We take immense pride in our recycling and Zero Waste initiatives, which effectively reduce your business’s environmental impact associated with waste disposal.

Extensive Waste Disposal Services

U-Pak is proud to offer an Extensive Variety of Services

  • EA single point of contact across locations
  • EWaste disposal and recycling service packages
  • EPeriodic reports outlining your company’s handling of waste streams
  • ESuggestions for improving your existing waste and recycling systems
  • EAssurance of provincial compliance with today’s reduce/reuse/recycle initiatives and regulations
  • EZero to landfill and much more!

U-PAK’s Full Service

One-stop solution for all your waste and recycling needs.

When selecting the method for disposing of your company’s waste, it is crucial to consider numerous regulations. It is important to ensure that your company adheres to the appropriate guidelines to comply with the law and demonstrate environmental and financial responsibility.

U-Pak provides comprehensive waste removal and recycling solutions that go beyond standard environmental preservation practices.

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