About Us

A Leader in Zero Waste Disposals

Established in 1972, U-Pak Disposals is privately held, Canadian owned and operated with an independent board of directors. With a fleet of 200+ vehicles, we provide waste removal services across the Greater Toronto Area.

What We Do

U-Pak provides waste removal services across the GTA and transports to the final destination site. Recycled material is sent to accredited Canadian recycling processors, while the remaining material designated as waste can be processed by U-Pak’s Emerald Energy from Waste facility and converted into renewable energy. This waste removal methodology eliminates cross-border dumping issues and assures our environmentally aware partners that all materials are handled in Canada from the “cradle to the grave.”

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Moving Closer to Zero Waste

New and exciting changes are always at the forefront of our business within the waste and recycling industry. We advance with new waste removal technologies, which we then pass on to our customers to help with their sustainability and zero waste solution goals.

  • Energy from waste treatment facility capable of processing non-hazardous solid waste from municipal (MSW), industrial, and commercial institutional (ICI) sources. One point of contact for multiple locations.
  • Quarterly volume reporting of various waste streams and suggested improvements to existing programs
  • Skilled personnel to work with the staff or tenants to encourage higher levels of recycling
  • Scaled lift tickets of recyclables
  • Bundled service packages for waste, wood, paper, glass, metals, plastics, cardboard, grease rendering and organic / produce/bakery recycling
  • Continual program monitoring to ensure compliance with the provincial recycling regulations
  • Rebate program for recyclables within 30 days
  • Assistance in all aspects of the 3-R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle) regulations compliance

U-Pak Processing and Transfer Facilities – Tidemore & McPherson

U-Pak owns and operates a 15-acre Etobicoke facility and a 12-acre site in Pickering, both with easy access to Toronto’s downtown core. At these facilities, U-Pak has a waste transfer building onsite, which directly transfers an estimated 400 metric tonnes of waste material to our Emerald Energy from Waste facility in Brampton, ON or directly to a landfill in Thorold, Ontario.

Our waste removal facilities also include:

  • Cardboard and Paper Recycle Building
  • Beverage Container and Recycle Sort Building
  • Organic and Bakery Processing Plant (Tidemore only)
  • Ontario Landscaping Supply (McPherson only)

In addition to these commodity operations, our Etobicoke facility houses our fleet support and container shop facility, where all maintenance and repairs are performed to vehicles and waste removal equipment is built and customized.


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U-Pak Fleet

U-Pak’s newer, safer, high-quality equipment fleet consists of Mack and Sterling chassis. Our fleet of vehicles is Canadian made by manufacturers such as Universal Handling Equipment and Wallinga. By buying locally manufactured equipment, U-Pak ensures that equipment service and replacement parts are readily available.

U-Pak’s fleet of trucks, coupled with local support, ensures that we always have the right equipment available to service any customer’s needs. Newer equipment also ensures lower maintenance costs providing U-Pak with the means to remain financially healthy and stable as a corporation.

U-Pak has a rigorous regime of documented maintenance and appearance standards for all equipment, including:

  • Recycling Trucks used for non-compaction of recyclable materials.
  • Front-Loader Trucks are used for the collection of waste and recyclable materials.
  • Roll-Off Trucks, used for industrial collection of construction debris and large bulk collection of waste materials.
  • Straight Trucks, used for collection of small pallet items.
  • Tractor Trailers, for collection of recycling material.
  • Walking Floor for transportation of waste to Landfill.
  • All vehicles are equipped with a beacon that flashes when work is being done.
  • All vehicles are equipped with a backup beeper when the reverse gear is engaged.
  • All vehicles are properly sealed to ensure that waste does not leak.

MOE Permits

(copies available upon request)
U-Pak Disposal Certificate of Approval – Waste Management System A8597

Emerald Energy From Waste Inc. Certificate of Approval Waste Disposal Site 4591-56VSTN

U-Pak Disposal Certificate of Approval Waste Disposal Site – McPherson 6785-6PTRGD

U-Pak Disposal Certificate of Approval Waste Disposal Site – Tidemore 9046-57KJA2

Highlights of U-Pak’s Services

We understand the fiscal direction and desire of today’s Corporations to achieve goals of cost control and higher diversion rates. U-Pak is confident we are well positioned to assist you in reaching your goal with our superior Waste & Recycling Management Program. We stand behind the service we perform and wish to grow our relationship with our customers by offering services and working with you to achieve improved diversion rates.


  • U-Pak offers an exclusive option – Energy from Waste to improve your diversion from landfill. Material formerly directed to a landfill can now be converted to energy in the Province of Ontario. This assures that you will be an industry leader demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. U-Pak’s exclusive EFW program will achieve Zero Waste status for your site.


  • U-Pak has a live-answer customer service department capable of answering your needs during the off hours and holidays (when your staff may need assistance the most). U-Pak will not only promise a 24-hour, 7 days a week availability of service with a 4-hour guaranteed response time, but we will also back this by making it part of our contract to you. This is part of U-Pak’s Value First offering to our clients presently.


  • U-Pak has spent the last 40 years managing the services of waste removal and recycling for facilities in Ontario. To ensure that our customers always receive the best in service, U-Pak has a policy of maintaining a capacity buffer. This means that we only run our business at a maximum of 95% of capacity. This allows the operations a “float” to ensure emergency issues can be met immediately, without delay.


  • U-Pak’s Remote Monitoringnew technology to better deliver services. U-Pak uses computer software that monitors the set parameters of the optimum weight in each collection bin. When the weights fall outside this optimum value with the set collection frequency, action is taken to modify the collection schedule to best meet the optimum collection times. U-Pak also uses remote monitoring technology to ensure that bins are filled to optimum levels and ensure transport costs are minimized.
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    Our Partners

    U-Pak Group of Companies

    Our group of companies allows us to offer a vast network of expertise at our fingertips.

    Emerald Energy from Waste

    Emerald Energy from Waste is a privately owned business providing energy recovery services for materials generated by residential and commercial customers that cannot be recycled. Our facility has been operating for over 30 years and together with our affiliates, U-Pak Disposals and Kerry Cavan Feeds, we help our customers from across Ontario achieve their Zero Waste to Landfill goals.

    Kerry Cavan Feeds Inc.

    Kerry Cavan Feeds is a feed manufacturing company based in Wallenstein, Ontario. Offering best-in-class general source of food and farming facts in Canada, Kerry Cavan converts food waste into farm feed.

    Traxxside Transloading Inc.

    Specializing in the Transloading of Agricultural Products, Food Grade Products, Organic Products, Fertilizer, and Industrial Products. Traxxide Transloading is a distinctively unique facility strategically located in Guelph Ontario. We offer daily independent rail service from both Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways.

    MCC Industrial Services Ltd.

    MCC Industrial offers custom environmental management programs, waste reduction, cost recovery and recycling solutions.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide our clients with an organized and efficient methodology for controlling and managing their waste and the environment around them.

    Using our Customer Engagement Model we will provide our clients with predictable, repeatable processes that consistently improve their return on Environmental Management.

    We will leverage the strength of our employees and industry partnerships, to create tailored solutions that consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, ourselves, and the Global Environmental Community.