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U-Pak specializes in the installation and maintenance of compaction and baler equipment to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our equipment installation services cater to a wide range of requirements, from straightforward installations to more customized solutions. With our extensive expertise, we guarantee exceptional workmanship and customer satisfaction.

The most significant benefit of choosing U-Pak is our ability to provide equipment installations tailored specifically to your facility. By implementing equipment that aligns with your unique needs, we can enhance your company’s efficiency and maximize your return on investment.

custom equipment

Manufactured in Canada

All of our machines are exclusively manufactured by U-Pak at our in-house facility. Once the equipment is completed, our team of professionals will deliver and install it for you. We provide continuous support featuring cutting-edge technology for reporting waste and recycling data. This ensures ease of operation, leading to better expense control and overall operational savings.

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There When You Need Us

U-Pak technicians will also regularly monitor and maintain your newly installed equipment, providing the necessary support to ensure compliance and sustainability. Whether you require large and complex machinery or smaller units for your business, our dedicated Special Equipment Installation division is prepared to offer modern-day solutions for all your in-house waste management and recycling needs.

Custom Installs

Equipment Installation

Here are a few of the custom disposal systems we have installed across Canada.

Compactor Remote Monitoring

Solid Waste and Recycling Services

U-Pak’s remote monitoring system for waste and recycle compactor loads provides a multitude of benefits. By removing the requirement for operators to consistently monitor volumes and request collections, our solution guarantees a streamlined and more effective process. It maximizes the load weights, thereby optimizing the compactor’s capacity. It also significantly reduces trucking expenses by streamlining collection routes and eliminating unnecessary trips. With the implementation of remote monitoring, operators can focus their efforts on core business activities, leading to enhanced productivity and improved overall operations.

Technical Requirements

Remote Monitoring for Compactor

  • EInternet connectivity using standard CAT5 cable (often referred to as RJ45 cable), is required. Depending on the environment, electrical noise and radio interference connection can be up to two hundred feet. Best practice “The Closer The Better”
  • E110v power outlet (standard wall outlet) is required to power the readers


FAQs About Custom Equipment and Remote Monitoring Services


What is custom equipment in the waste management context, and how can it benefit my business?

Custom equipment refers to specialized waste-handling machinery tailored to specific operational needs. It can enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity in waste management processes.


How can U-Pak assist in designing and providing custom equipment for my business?

We offer a consultative approach to understand your unique requirements. Our team of experts will work with you to design, manufacture, and implement custom equipment solutions that meet your exact business specifications.


What types of custom equipment solutions does U-Pak offer?

Our custom equipment solutions cover a wide range, including waste compactors, balers, augers, sorting systems and specialized containers. We can also develop customized equipment based on your specific business needs.


What is remote monitoring, and how does it enhance waste management operations?

Remote monitoring involves the use of technology to track and manage equipment performance and waste levels. It allows for proactive maintenance, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing downtime. We also provide reports that are generated in our systems; giving you the date, time, weight and location for every bin dumped.


Can U-Pak retrofit existing equipment with remote monitoring capabilities?

Yes, we offer retrofitting services to equip your existing waste management equipment with remote monitoring technology. This upgrade enhances visibility and control over your operations.


What are the key benefits of implementing remote monitoring for my waste management equipment?

Remote monitoring provides real-time data on equipment status, allowing for timely maintenance, optimizing usage, reducing costs and scheduling waste pickups when your waste container reaches its user-specified capacity.


What level of technical support and training does U-Pak provide for remote monitoring systems?

We offer comprehensive training and ongoing technical support to ensure your team can effectively use and benefit from the remote monitoring system. Our support team is available to assist with any questions or issues.


What are the technical requirements for a Remote Monitoring Compactor?

Internet connectivity using standard CAT5 cable (often referred to as RJ45 cable), is required. Depending on the environment, electrical noise and radio interference connection can be up to two hundred feet. Best practice “The Closer The Better.” A 110v power outlet (standard wall outlet) is also required to power the readers.

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