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Custom Equipment

U-Pak tailors your waste equipment to fit your business.

U-Pak installs and maintains compaction and baler equipment, servicing our client’s varied needs.

U-Pak’s installation of equipment range from simple to unique. We have the equipment solution to fit your facility and the expertise to ensure quality workmanship and satisfaction. Most importantly we can install equipment tailored to your needs and increase your company’s efficiency and your return on the investment.

Custom Installs

Equipment Installation

Here are a few of the custom disposal systems we have installed across Canada.

Compactor Remote Monitoring

Solid Waste and Recycling Services

  • ERemote Monitoring of the waste and recycle compactor loads means not relying on operators to continually check the volumes and call for a collection
  • EMaximizes the weights on the loads
  • EMinimizes the trucking expenses
  • EAllows your operators to focus on their core business

Technical Requirements

Remote Monitoring for Compactor

  • EInternet connectivity using standard CAT5 cable (often referred to as RJ45 cable), is required. Depending on the environment, electrical noise and radio interference connection can be up to two hundred feet. Best practice “The Closer The Better”
  • E110v power outlet (standard wall outlet) is required to power the readers

Save Money While Saving The Planet

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