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U-Pak Sustainability Policy

Our PeopleHealth & SafetyOur Health and Safety program ensures that all our employees are protected from injury.
This program is essential because we believe all employees have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment. -Health and Safety Committees
-Safety Talks
-Start-up Meetings
-Safety Training
Training & Development
Our Training & Development program ensures our employees are qualified to perform their jobs and enhances their skills and competencies so they can meet the challenges of a continually changing workplace. This program is essential because it enables our employees to succeed in their current position and prepare for long-term career goals.-Orientation Training
-On-the-Job Training
-Individual Training Plans
Total Compensation
Our total compensation program provides comprehensive rewards that meet employee needs within our competitive industry.This program is essential because fair compensation helps ensure our businesses attract and retain highly qualified and motivated employees.-Competitive wages
-Performance incentives
-Vacation allowances
-Group Health Plans
-Pension Plans
Our PartnersCustomersOur customers are the people to whom we sell goods and servicesThe continued support of our customers provides the resources we need to continue our businesses and our commitment to our people, communities and the environment.-Sales and marketing programs
-Promotional programs
-Quality programs
-On-site education or awareness
-Newsletters, webpage, social media
-Innovation and new service/ product awareness
-Special events
-On-site client visits/ relationships
ContractorsOur contractors are the people who have the specialized services and expertise we need to operate our businesses. Their assistance helps us operate our businesses effectively and efficiently. -Start-up Health & Safety training
-Purchasing policies and practices
-Subcontractors’ Services agreements and policy
-Subcontractor KPI reviews
SuppliersOur suppliers are the people who provide us with the goods we need to keep our businesses running. We need our suppliers to keep our plants and offices operating. -Purchasing policies and practices
-Accounts Payable policies and practices
Our CommunitiesAboriginal CommunitiesOur aboriginal communities include the First Nations and Métis, which have been on this land since our arrival. These communities are vital to us because they offer a perspective that often differs from conventional business dynamics and can help us operate more just and sustainably. -Aboriginal Relations Policy
-Stakeholder engagement policies and practices
GovernmentsOur businesses regularly interact with government agencies to ensure compliance with legal requirements for tax reporting, employment standards and approval of regulated activities.We operate all our businesses to comply with all legal requirements and maintain positive relationships with all government officials.-Tax and financial compliance Health, Safety and Employment Standards
-Environmental Approvals
-Zoning and Property Standards
NeighboursOur neighbours are the people in the communities that surround our operations.We must respect our neighbours because, next to our employees, they are the people most impacted by our operations. -Public liaison committees
-Our website and Social Media
-Open houses/BBQ/ other events
Non-Government OrganizationsNon-Government Organizations (NGOs) are organizations focused on business interests, cultural issues, environmental causes or social/charity causes that we encounter while operating our businesses. We must actively engage the NGOs to obtain their perspectives and provide them with our input.-BOMA
-Chambers of Commerce
-Boards of Trade
PoliticiansPoliticians are the leaders within our communities at the local, provincial and federal levels.We must maintain positive relationships with all politicians from all levels of government because the policies they enact could have significant impacts on our businesses.-Stakeholder engagement policies and practices
-Community Liaison Committees
GivingGiving is the act of sharing our prosperity within the community to support organizations that are improving the lives of othersThe U-Pak Group believes in giving back to the communities where it does business. It has committed resources to support local charitable causes via:
• An annual shareholders fund for large donations,
• An annual managemental fund for mid-sized donations
• Personal funds and time by U-Pak and Emerald employees
Recent donation recipients:
-Oakville Rotary
-Toronto Rotary
-Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
-Sick Kids Hospital
-Brock University
-Niagara College
-Multiple Community Sports Associations
Cash FlowProfitabilityProfit is the amount that net revenues exceed operating and administrative expenses, interest charges, and income taxes. Profitability is essential for business. A profitable business can afford to invest in its people and equipment to ensure future success. -Sales & marketing programs
-Strategic planning program
-Route Optimization
-Operating Budgets
-Financial Performance Reviews
CapitalizationCapitalization is how a company funds its ongoing operations. It includes profit re-investment, financing and shareholder investment.Capitalization is important because it provides the resources needed to continue existing and future business activities.
-Corporate governance policies and practices
Capital ExpendituresCapital expenditures are the tangible assets used in our businesses. Capital expenditures are essential because we need a source of reliable assets to operate and grow our businesses. -Capital expenditure programs
-Equipment maintenance programs
-Facilities Maintenance Programs
Cost ControlA process of monitoring, evaluating and managing business expenses.Cost control is essential because it ensures our businesses remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.
-Centralized purchasing policies and practices
Acquisitions & PartnershipsPurchasing or combining part of our operations with external companies.Acquisitions & Partnerships growth is essential to our company because they can accelerate our business growth cycle.-Strategic planning program
-Corporate governance policies and practices
-Due Diligence Policy
Organic Growth
Increasing the sales of the business using internally generated resources.Organic growth is important because it enables us to use our existing businesses and know how to expand our services.-Strategic planning program
-Sales and Marketing Strategies for new growth from existing and prospective clients
-Corporate governance policies and practices
Risk Management
The identification, analysis, and assessment of business risks and the management of acceptable risks.
Risk Management is critical because it enables us to use our knowledge and experience to avoid business pitfalls.-Risk management programs
-Quarterly Reviews
-Partnership Reviews
-Broker Reviews
-Inventory management programs
-Operations management programs
-Safety Training Reviews and Internal Controls
-Environmental Performance Reviews
QualityR & DActivities aimed at discovering new knowledge about products, processes and services and applying this knowledge to create solutions to existing challenges or find new goods and services.
R & D is important because it helps secure our future by improving our existing businesses and developing products and services that meet our customers' current and future needs. -Open Innovation
-Strategic Alliances / Partnerships
-Knowledge Management
-IT Programs / Patents, Trademarks
-New Technology Innovation and Testing
Product & Service MixOffering an optimal mix of products and services to meet our customer’s needs and the Company’s profitability targets. Product & Service Mix is essential because it allows us to enhance the value we offer to our customers and thereby secure future opportunities.
-Product Development programs tied to product life-cycle
Product & Service QualityProducing and delivering products and services which meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.Produce & Service Quality is essential because it secures immediate opportunities by ensuring we meet our customer’s current needs.-Quality Assurance Programs
-Certificates of Analysis
-SPC – Statistical Process Control
-KPI Indicators
LandWaste DiversionWaste Diversion is the process of minimizing the amount of waste destined for disposal. It involves assessing how residuals are generated, collected and managed before designating any materials for final disposal.Waste Diversion is essential because it is our core business. We work with our customers and suppliers to establish programs that maximize diversion, conserve value for our customers, and minimize the resources needed for our communities to thrive.
-Zero Waste to Landfill Program
-Waste Diversion Program(s)
-Organics Management
-Material Audits/Gap Analysis
-Green Procurement
-Continual Improvement
Waste DisposalWaste Disposal is finding a final repository for material with no inherent value.
Ecosystem Management is critical because we are an integral part of the ecosystems in which we operate, and we want to support them for future generations.
-Local Disposal Initiatives
Land-use StewardshipLand-use Stewardship of using our properties responsibly through conservation and sustainable practices.
Land-use Stewardship is essential because our operations are land intensive and transitional. At the end of the life of our operations, we want to provide a rich resource for future generations.
-Property Management
-Agricultural Field Trials
WaterProtectionProtection is the measures we take to prevent our activities from impacting water resources.
The protection of water is essential because it sustains life itself. Our operations should not adversely affect local water resources.
-Surface Water Management Plans
-Sewer Use by-law compliance
-Staff Training and Education
ConservationConservation is the measures we take to prevent water use in our activities.
Water conservation is essential as water is a valuable resource that should not be wasted.
-Water Footprint
-Water Minimization
-Preventive Maintenance
-Emissions Monitoring programs
-Environmental Reviews
AirAir QualityAir Quality is a measure of how we affect the use of the air through any contaminants we release (including odour) as a result of our activities.
Air Quality is important because we all depend on air to sustain us. We monitor our emissions and look for ways to minimize our effects on air quality.
-Preventive Maintenance
-Emissions Monitoring programs
-Environmental Reviews
-Reporting Programs
-Complaint Response Program
Noise & VibrationsNoise & Vibrations are unwanted energies we release into the ground or air as a result of our activities.
Noise & Vibration management is essential as they are by-products of our operations. We strive to operate in a manner that leaves us unnoticed by our neighbours.
-Preventative Maintenance
-Monitoring & Reporting
-Environmental Reviews
-Community Liaison Committees
-Complaint Response Program
Energy UseEnergy Use is the amount of energy in all its forms we consume through our activities.
Energy Use is crucial as it runs our operations. We are making choices to maximize the production value of each energy unit and supplement it with renewable energy supplies.
-Fuel efficiency standards
-Translucent Solar Panels
-Building Planning and Design
Climate ChangeClimate Change is the long-term weather patterns caused by natural phenomena and human activities that alter the atmosphere through the build-up of greenhouse gases. These gases trap heat and may lead to changes in the distribution of weather patterns over long periods.
Climate Change is important because it has the potential to alter our ecosystems and affect our operations significantly. It demands that we learn to mitigate and adapt.
U-Pak has membership with various reorganizations
(Partners in Project Green
BOMA), who explores and addresses climate change issues and what can be done at the corporate level.

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