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Local and National Waste Management – we are there where you need us.

Whether you are concerned with waste management in Brampton, Toronto or throughout Canada, U-Pak, a leader in professional, efficient waste handling and recycling services, can help you. Based in Ontario, we directly provide collection and disposal services locally, while working with a network of conscientious providers throughout the country. Serving businesses and industries nationwide, we can help you whether your company has one or more local branches, or if you have locations throughout Canada. Whether you need waste management in Toronto or at a location thousands of miles away, U-Pak can assist you in non-hazardous solid waste management and recycling.

National In Scope

We work with a network of locally-managed waste collection companies, transfer stations, Waste to Energy, Bio Recovery, Recycling MRF’s, AR Digestion Energy Recovery Facilities and landfills.

U-Pak is committed to the 3Rs of reduce, reuse, and recycle mandates for waste management programs in Canada. With a keen eye towards diversion of waste from landfill, we help companies comply with the local, province-wide, and national waste regulations. Our specialty is in designing high-quality, cost-effective, professional waste management programs that include:

  • EA “One Stop Shop” agreement that will manage your whole program and serve as a single point of contact for 24/7 customer service and billing
  • EWaste stream auditing to identify the most cost-effective and efficient method to reuse and dispose of waste from your company
  • EReporting your company’s processes and services to the proper authorities to verify that you are in compliance with all environmental regulations
  • EA right-sized approach based on the size and needs of your company

There When you Need us

Local Waste Management In Toronto,
National In Scope.

Whether you need waste management in Brampton, ONT, Beaver Bank, NS, or Bethune, SK, U-Pak can help.