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Unbeatable Value

Offering Value First in the Waste and Recycling Industry

U-Pak Disposals and Recycling is a Value First Company. Our bundled service suite and customer-centric model ensure we are your one-stop shop for all your waste management needs.

Value that Exceeds Expectations

Experience the value of our bundled service offerings

  • EIncrease communication speed – Ongoing monitoring of recycling legislation and ability to offer available disposal alternatives to landfills, such as material recycling facilities, composting and bioremediation.
  • EEasier access to U-Pak organization and strengths of an innovative leader in the waste/materials collection, processing and disposal business.
  • EUse of the newest technology available to excel past industry standards in service.
  • EDevelop long-term partnership for cost avoidance – Ability to reduce vendor base due to U-Pak’s service network.
  • EPremier waste/recycling service network for cost containment and waste minimization.
  • ELimit liability to disposal sites – Access to Canadian Landfills – Elimination of issues associated with cross Border Dumping.
  • EAbility to bundle services and leverages volume purchasing power.
  • EMultiple recyclable materials markets to ensure the best prices for commodities.
  • EFocus on cost avoidance through Recycle initiatives.
  • EA proactive approach to controlling future complex waste handling issues.
  • EBroad-based support in the areas of safety, engineering, transportation and environmental affairs.
  • EAssistance with document preparation and maintenance for all federal, provincial and local regulatory agencies.
  • EEnvironmental compliance with local, provincial and federal regulations, limiting liability issues.
  • ECommitment to recycling and developing markets for commodities collected through commercial programs to ensure end-user quality standards and highest value for materials.

Save Money While Saving The Planet

Contact our team of experts at 416-675-3700 or email us at customerservice@upak.net today to learn how we can transform your garbage pickup.