Our Values Drive Our Business


Our Values

Our Core Values are at the heart of everything we do. At U-Pak, everyone plays a vital role in delivering quality service. No part is more important or less important. Together as a team is how we create success, which is why we hold ourselves accountable to U-Pak’s Core Values and use these guiding principles in every aspect of our business.

format_quoteOur five core values are a compass that impacts all aspects of our life at U-Pak.  It is a big part of how we drive company behaviour, culture and decision making.  These values have guided us through challenges and opportunities, serving as our foundation for decision-making and strategy formulation.format_quote
Mary Molony
VP of Finance, U-Pak Group of Companies
format_quoteOur core values are more than just guiding principles for us, they are the essence of our identity. They shape our every decision, action, and interaction. I am proud to be part of U-Pak Group of Companies, where these values don't just mean something, they mean everything.format_quote
Imelda O’Connor
VP of Operations, U-Pak Group of Companies
format_quoteAt U-Pak, our Core Values are far from mere lip service; they are our Call to Action. Being a part of this incredible team that actively integrates these values into our daily work has been a rewarding experience, and I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of it. It's more than just a job; it's a meaningful journey guided by our shared principles.format_quote
Jeff Lee
Marketing Manager, U-Pak Group of Companies
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format_quoteOur core values create a repeatable and scalable system. Our organization encourages individuals to make their own good decisions by simply applying values to new challenges which reduces bottlenecks and empowers individuals.format_quote
Noel O’Connor
Vice President, U-Pak Group of Companies
format_quoteAt U-Pak, our Core Values hold immense significance as they form the foundation of our company's identity and mission. When we highlight these values in our client interactions, it builds a sense of trust and credibility, nurturing lasting relationships founded on shared principles.format_quote
Mark Thompson
Director of Sales and Marketing, U-Pak Group of Companies

Our Values drive our Services. Our People drive our Values.

Core Values

We openly share our Core Values, as this is what drives our business. It is in our DNA. It is what we hold ourselves accountable to and provides complete transparency to anyone we interact with. This is our commitment to you.


Courage to do it better

Innovation takes courage. We aspire to create solutions to make our businesses better. Celebrate and give credit when we innovate.


Treat others as you expect to be treated

We are humble and respectful. We’re not perfect, but we grow together. Ask questions before making conclusions.


Develop and grow relationships with trust

We grow relationships that are mutually beneficial through trust, commitment, and investing in each other.


Your word matters

We do what we say we will do. “Don’t make our problems other people’s problems” is our guiding principle.


Make the future better

We believe in a Zero Waste future, in which all resources are reused. We support our communities to make them better.

Save Money While Saving The Planet

Contact our team of experts at 416-675-3700 or email us at customerservice@upak.net today to learn how we can transform your garbage pickup.